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Meg & Dia is an indie rock band that started in 2004. It was founded by sisters Meg and Dia Frampton, and in addition to the two sisters, members
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Nicholas Price, Carlo Gimenez and Jonathan Snyder are also a part of the band.

Meg & Dia released their first album, Our Home Is Gone, on August 12, 2005. At the time, the band consisted of just the two Frampton sisters, and most of the songs were acoustic. Meg played guitar and sang the back-up vocals while Dia sang lead. About a year later on August 8, 2006, they released their second album, Something Real. At this time the band had now recruited Nicholas Price on drums,Kenji Chan on guiatr and Ryan Groskreutz as the bassist. This was their first album released under Doghouse Records.

Kenji left to persue a solo career and the band found a Canadian guitarist Carlo Gimenez. Jonathan was found through Doghoouse Records.

The band signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2007 and released Here, Here and Here in 2009 with Sire Records. As of July 2010, the band is unsigned, after being dropped by Warner Bros. Records.

Their most recent album Cocoon, was released on April 5, 2011. This album was made by the band themselves. They did not have a record label.

The band "Meg & Dia" has officially ended. Now Dia, along with Jonathan,Carlo and Nick have moved on to the band "Dia Frampton". Meg has started a jewelery buisness.