Chandler the Robot

Chandler the Robot is a blog run by Meg Frampton of Meg & Dia. On this blog she posts about multiple subjects like her newest chandlers, Meg & Dia, writing and making music and inspirational and funny stories that relate to
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Meg first opened an Etsy shop on December 10, 2010, and she still continues to make wonderful jewelry. She has switched from her Etsy shop to her Goodsie store now. (See links at bottom of article)

Making Chandlers is the main purpose of her blog. Chandlers are the general name for all of her robot jewelry. She was first inspired to use that name when she became a big fan of the show Friends. She has made many robot necklaces and earrings too named after all of the main 6 characters in Friends. (Chandler, Joey, Ross, Monica, Pheobe and Rachel) In addition to those robots, she has also made Willie, Stupendous Chandler, Dia bot (named after her sister), Lonely Hearts Chandler, Winter Chandler (an Elf) and so many others.

You can see Meg's Girl On The Road Blog here Chandler the Robot

Her Goodsie shop where you can view and order all of her jewelry can be seen here htt://